May 17, 2023

New Dads and Bonding

Jane Magnani
Jane Magnani
New Dads and Bonding

Pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding give mums a head start in bonding with their new baby; dads, do not worry! If you begin to spend quality time with your baby from the moment you find out that you will become a dad, you will be able to bond the same way your partner does.

Talk to the bump

At around 18 months, your baby begins hearing their first sounds, and their ears are rapidly developing. As your baby grows, more sounds will become audible to them. By the third trimester (weeks 28 through 40 months of pregnancy), your baby will be able to recognise and react to familiar voices and sounds.

Take advantage of this special time. Make it a daily routine to talk to your baby through the bump; you may want to share what happened during your day, read them a story, or sing them a song. This precious time will be invaluable for bonding with your baby!

Spend quality time with your newborn

Skin-to-skin contact is not just for mothers; it is highly beneficial for fathers too. Get your skin-to-skin cuddles from the moment your baby is born.

Talk to your baby; hearing your voice will help your baby distinguish between you and other people in their life. Use a lively voice with ups and downs to help your baby tune in. Start a conversation with your baby by repeating vocalisations and mirroring their movements.

Get involved

If your baby is crying, don’t be afraid to soothe them, gentle rocking and singing can help you calm your baby down and get them to sleep. Take over some of your baby’s routines; for example, you may want to take over bedtime.

This will not only give some precious alone time to your partner, but it is a lovely way to continue bonding together. Share night-time feeds, nappy changing, etc. Play with your baby, even in those first three months, your little one is learning from you, play gentle tickling and toe games, such as "This little piggy."

Tummy time

Tummy time is about giving your baby a small amount of time lying on their tummy while they are awake. Start by using your chest as the floor! Place your baby on your chest, skin to skin, and gently talk or sing to them.

You are not only bonding with your baby but also giving them some vital tummy time, helping to support the development of essential muscles in their body. When putting your baby on the floor, join them; get on your tummy too!

Baby massage

Baby massage is another excellent way to bond with your baby—it is a sensory activity that helps develop your baby's sense of touch, which is essential for developing tactile sensitivity and self-awareness. In addition, it is a relaxing and soothing activity, not just for your baby but for you too! 

Get ready to rumble!

As your baby's physical skills and confidence grow, their way of playing will change. They will be ready for the more physical types of games!

Your baby will love playing rough and tumble with you, rolling around the floor, playing with the aeroplane, and the bicycle, and tickling each other. These games are not only fun but are also beneficial to your baby's physical and emotional needs.

It will strengthen the bond you are creating with your baby and build some fun memories too.


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