May 17, 2023

Equal parenting and sharing the mental load

Sophie Allen
Sophie Allen
Equal parenting and sharing the mental load

Equal parenting and sharing the mental load and household duties are vital in promoting gender equality and breaking down gender stereotypes in parenting.

Historically, mothers have been expected to take on the majority of the parenting responsibilities, while fathers were viewed as breadwinners.

This traditional division of labour has proven to be harmful to both parents and children and has contributed to the perpetuation of gender inequality.

Why is important for young children?

Sharing the mental load and household duties positively impacts children's sense of self and identity. When they see adults sharing in the responsibilities of parenting and household tasks, they learn that gender should not determine one's role in the family.

This promotes gender equality and helps children to develop a more flexible understanding of gender roles, which can positively influence their future relationships and professional lives.

Sharing responsibilities and challenging traditional gender roles

This helps children to build healthier relationships and make more informed choices in their personal and professional lives.

It can also alleviate anxiety and stress, ensuring that no one person is overburdened, contributing to better mental health and wellbeing for both parents.

Fostering greater cooperation and understanding between partners can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable relationship.


Despite the numerous benefits of equal parenting and sharing the mental load, many couples still struggle to achieve a balance. To overcome this, couples must actively challenge these stereotypes and work towards a more equitable division of labour.

Equal parenting and sharing the mental load and household duties are essential in promoting gender equality, breaking down gender stereotypes, and fostering healthy relationships between parents and children.

By teaching young children about equal parenting and sharing responsibilities, we can break down gender stereotypes and promote a more equitable society.


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