Apr 11, 2023

3 reasons why you think your child might be misbehaving

Sophie Allen
Sophie Allen
3 reasons why you think your child might be misbehaving

Attention and Connection

You may think that your little one is misbehaving. However, they might be feeling that they are not getting enough of your attention, or feel like they can connect with you. Understandably, being a parent means being busy, especially if you are working a full-time job too. However, try setting a timer with your little one and give them your complete attention. No phones, responding to emails or taking photos of them. Tell them “Mummy or Daddy are very busy, but in five minutes we can play together”. This will support your little one in knowing that they have your whole attention, and this type of quality time with allow you to connect with each other. 

Underlying emotional or developmental issues

Sometimes, misbehaviour can be a sign of an underlying emotional or developmental issue that a child may be struggling with, such as anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or autism. You know your child better than anyone, and if you ever feel that something might not be quite right, it’s important to seek professional help if you suspect that your little one’s behaviour is related to an underlying issue.

Keeping boundaries clear and rules consistent

Children need clear guidelines and consistent rules to feel secure and know what is expected of them. If the boundaries are not well-defined, your little one may become confused and act out. Being consistent with the rules you set or having a ‘firm but fair’ attitude, may help your little one begin to distinguish between what is acceptable and what is less acceptable.


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