Aug 17, 2023

3 Tips to Upgrade Your Nappy Experience

Morgan & Rima at Peachies (Guest)
Morgan & Rima at Peachies (Guest)
3 Tips to Upgrade Your Nappy Experience

Nappies are a huge part of the early days of childcare. Nappy changes become rote and you master them like a Formula One pit-stop mechanic. But the assumed reality is that because you’re dealing with - pardon our French - cr*p, the nappy change experience has to be that way. We’re here to turn that notion on its head. 

Hogwash, you’re thinking, but it’s true. The biggest opportunity to save time, money and stress by reducing blowouts and skin irritation is to get the nappy fit right

It seems so simple but it’s this area of nappy wearing that parents most often get wrong. We’re here to empower you with our top tips so that the next time you’re on the way to the changing table you’re thinking more about the bonding experience with your little one versus muttering nervously to yourself in anticipation of what awaits you. 

Top Tips for Choosing Nappy Size:

1. Focus on your child’s weight, not their age

Nappy companies set sizes based on weight ranges. Yet, we often find that parents feel - consciously or unconsciously - pressured to progress their little ones through the sizes to match where they think their child should be in relation to their age. Sometimes a 9-month old is slight and still fits in Size 3 or a 4-month old is a little chunkier and fits well in a Size 4. The key is to keep regular tabs on your little one’s weight and double check it with the size range of your favourite brand. 

If it’s impractical to closely monitor your child’s weight, there are other ways you can assess whether the nappy size is best or not. 

2. Signs the size is too small

  • Waist sits 2 or more fingers (when laid horizontally on baby's belly) below baby’s belly button

  • Sticky closure tabs barely close at the edges of the landing zone. The landing zone is the patch where you find the nappy logo on the front

  • Also look out for:

    • Nappy is leaving lasting red marks or indents on baby's waist and thighs

    • You experience an increase in leaks, poo explosions, and tears, especially overnight

3. Signs the size is too big 

  • Nappy sags around the legs (when dry or full) and you’re noticing more leaks

  • Sticky closure tabs are close together or could overlap

    • Avoid tightening the tabs so that they overlap as doing so will cause the leg holes to sit funny on baby’s leg and feel uncomfortable 

  • There are gaps at the waist between nappy and skin. You might also see more leaks out of the back of the nappy or the waist more generally if this is the case.  

Whether it’s your first nappy change or 1000th, there is a village of parents just like you who are navigating these challenges. We hope these tips will make your nappy experience a little peachier. 

About Peachies:

Peachies is the upgrade to the humble nappy. Engineered for revolutionary softness, the perfect fit and maximum performance, Peachies also saves up to 93 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent emissions per 1,000 babies per year and fundraises in support of Save the Children.

Peachies is the first nappy company in the UK to be rated 5-Stars across all categories by Mother&Baby. Certified excellent on sensitive skin, Peachies are free from nasty chemicals, dyes and fragrances. The bonus: Peachies are delivered right to your door every month.

Peachies is the next generation of nappies making a difference for parents and our world, one poo at a time. 


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