May 17, 2023

When one becomes two: Top Tips

Jane Magnani
Jane Magnani
When one becomes two: Top Tips

Whether you have two under two, have a toddler, or have just welcomed a baby, we are here to help you. We have devised some tips and ideas just to help make those moments a little easier!

Juggling your children's priorities and demands might be difficult in the early days of parenting two under two. It's important to remember that your toddler is still a child and may want assistance adjusting to life in a larger family. 

Until now, your child has been the baby of the family and has grown accustomed to having your undivided attention. They'll need to get to know their new sibling and figure out how to share you with them. Here are some questions you may have and tips could try:

How do I introduce my toddler to my newborn?

  • You could wait until you bring your newborn home so that your toddler can meet them in a familiar environment. 

  • You may want to introduce your newborn to your toddler at a hospital or birthing facility. 

  • You may even choose to assist your toddler in choosing a gift for the new baby, and they may also have a gift from their new brother or sister waiting for them. This can make your toddler feel special and connected. 

My eldest child might feel a little left out, what can I do?

  • Early days -  When everyone's attention is naturally focused on the new baby, it is common if your toddler feels a bit left out. Frequently, you will need to attend to your newborn first, such as if they require eating or a nappy change.

  • Emotional reassurance - Make sure to tell your older child about their new and exciting role as big brother or big sister, as well as how well they're doing. 

  • Ask for support - When family and friends come to visit, you can ask them to spend time playing with your older child or paying attention to them. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and close friends are likely to appreciate making a fuss over your older child. They may love bringing them out for a little while to give you a break!

How can I keep my toddler occupied while I care for the newborn?

  • Involve your toddler in the care of your new little one! They may be able to assist you with nappy changes by passing you wet wipes. This is also great to help your little one develop their own independence and self-care routines.

  • Role play - Alternatively, they may enjoy role-playing by changing a nappy on their favourite teddy or doll while you change the baby. This is a great idea as young children love to copy what adults do! 

  • Roles and Responsibilities - You can also encourage your toddler to take on new responsibilities and roles, such as welcoming the baby when they wake up or assisting in the selection of the baby's clothing. 

  • Books - You could purchase some story books, or make your own, to help your toddler prepare for the new arrival. 

Mother reads to toddler

Mother reads to toddler

You could try out some of these 4 extra parenting hacks when you have a baby and another child: 

1. When you’re out and about

Attend playgroups or playdates with just one room or small space so that you can keep track of your toddler while you have the little one. This is a great time for you to go out and socialise with family and friends, maybe have a catch-up over a coffee! 

Pack a bag full of toddler-friendly activities. These could be toy cars, stickers, notebooks, and crayons. 

2. When you’re at home

Why not try having your cot or floor mat in the living room with a hanging mobile and toys? Your toddler can be in the same room as you and this way, you can play with them in a safe place. 

3. Feeding

If you can, feed your newborn and involve your toddler in the same area. You could read a book at the same time or watch a film 

Maybe you could try giving your eldest their main meal at lunch so that you don’t have to cook in the afternoon. 

4. Sleep and 'you time'

If your toddler naps, try and get your newborn into the routine of sleeping at the same time. 

Expect less of yourself. Try not to stress about the things you were able to manage before! 


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