May 17, 2023

Bath time bonding with your little one

Sophie Allen
Sophie Allen
Bath time bonding with your little one

Some babies love bath time and won’t require any encouragement to get in, making as many splashes as possible! Others, on the other hand, may need some extra persuasion, and that is absolutely nothing to worry about.

When your little one is feeling more interested in having a bath, do this in a quiet and calm environment. This special time can provide wonderful bonding moments that will last a lifetime.

Especially after a busy day, it is also a perfect opportunity to do some mindfulness with your little one, which benefits both of you!

Physical contact or touch helps babies form their initial emotional attachments and supports their sensorimotor development. This connection serves as the foundation for later emotional and intellectual growth.

Conversations such as what they did today or reading a book are perfect for bath time chat! These types of conversations are fantastic for their language, communication and literacy development. 

As you wash them, talk to them about the different textures, feelings and smells. 

For example:

  • Describe the sponge, and talk about its shape, colour, texture, and smoothness on their skin. 

  • What the soft bubbles feel like, the texture and smells!

These sensory encounters help your children enhance their senses and allow them to begin to link the sensation to the word as you explain it.


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