May 22, 2023

7 signs your child is ready for potty training

Sophie Allen
Sophie Allen
7 signs your child is ready for potty training

As parents, we all want our children to reach important milestones in their development, such as walking, talking, and becoming potty trained.

However, it can be difficult to determine when your child is ready to start potty training, and whether you as a parent are prepared for the process. Here are 7 signs that your little one is ready for potty training:

A sudden interest in toilets!

One key sign that your child may be ready for potty training is when they start to show an interest in using the toilet. This can manifest in a variety of ways, such as wanting to sit on the toilet like a grown-up or copying their parents or older siblings. If this happens, let them see what happens and talk them through the process. 

Dry nappies

You may also notice that they are keeping their nappies dry for longer periods, or are pulling at their nappy when it is full.

Keeping clean

It is also important that your little one is able to wash their hands, encourage their independence and help them understand the importance of good hygiene.

Child washing hands


Your little one might also be giving visible signs that they need the toilet if they go somewhere quiet and hide, or start fidgeting.

Wanting to help get changed

Another indication that your child may be ready for potty training is if they express a desire to help change themselves. This is a sign that they are becoming more independent and are starting to take an interest in self-care.

Potty training can be an important part of this personal development process, as it helps children gain a sense of self and agency over their own bodies.

Child clothes bag

They're actually telling you!

One of the most important factors to consider when potty training your child is whether they are able to communicate the sensations they are feeling and their needs effectively.

It is important that they are able to tell you when they need the toilet, and understand that they are doing a wee or poo.

Be prepared!

It is also important to consider your own readiness as a parent! Potty training can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating process, and it is important to approach it with patience and positivity - be prepared for setbacks and accidents along the way.

When you leave the house, be sure to take a few nappy bags, wipes, changes of pants, bottoms, socks and tops!

Many parents opt to start potty training during the summer months, as it presents a more convenient time to do so. This is because there is typically less clothing to remove in the event of an accident, and the warmer weather and outdoor environment make cleanup easier and quicker, with clothes drying faster as well.


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