May 19, 2023

Parenting as a team

Jane Magnani
Jane Magnani
Parenting as a team

Teamwork is an essential component of new parenthood as a couple.

When it was simply the two of you, you might not have given much thought to teamwork in your relationship. When you add a new baby to the mix, you're faced with a whole new range of decisions as a new parent. Almost every hour of the day, and on very little sleep!

We have some tips to assist you in navigating parenthood as a couple, should you need a little boost. You will learn together, and we are here to guide you!


Respect your differences

Some things you and your partner will do differently with your little one. For example, you may believe that settling your baby alone is easier and faster, but you're fatigued and desire a bath/sleep/food, or all three. Just because your partner uses a different soothing, winding, or nappy-changing technique than you does not mean it is incorrect.

It's better to recognise that you both have distinct paths to the same goal: a happy baby! Also, make an effort to share the load. This also implies that your little one is bonding and developing strong relationships with both parents, which is a win-win situation!


Dividing and conquering tasks

You may have realised that you're just a tad bit busier than usual. Babies are the best time thieves, with no respect for adult sleeping schedules! So all three of you will benefit from working together to get through the day.

How about taking five minutes to make a list of the basic things that must be completed today? These could be things to do, such as eating, sleeping, and washing. You could also decide who does what and when.

A bit of ‘you and me’ time

Try and incorporate some 'nice to do if we have time' activities, such as going for a walk or eating lunch at a nearby café. But, remember, don't put too much pressure on yourself to be somewhere at a specific time. Adopting these approaches, you may find you become a more peaceful parent.

Individual tasks

When there appear to be so many tasks to complete with your child, it may make more sense to do things individually if you and your child are both at home. For example, you could have one of you wash and dress the baby while the other cooks breakfast. 

Couple with newborn

You are not alone

It can also be lonely if you are currently managing responsibilities on your own. So remember to check in with each other regularly to see how things are going and to try and help take away some of that incessant dad or mum guilt.

Remember to communicate

If you need to make decisions about your baby's care, such as feeding or sleep training, communicate your results with your partner. That way, they'll know what's influencing your thinking. To adopt a more peaceful parenting style, try to resolve issues constructively as a team, as this can help you both model your responses to your child and provide them with unconditional love and a nurturing environment.

Help each other out! 

If you've discovered a terrific way to calm the baby or make them smile, make sure to tell your partner about it!


Roles and Responsibilities

Many couples disagree about who should do what in the house. With your little one on the way, those decisions may become a little more heated.

It's worthwhile to take the time to recognise your respective roles and devise a routine that will make you both feel supported. Consider what is best for you as a pair. This may require some trial and error, but it will assist you in finding your rhythm. Don’t forget to put friends and family to work if they offer to assist. It’ll give you more time and one less task to think about!


Remember to have fun!

That's correct. As strange as it may sound, you'll be sharing some of the most remarkable, joyful, and one-of-a-kind moments of your life amid the chaos. Of course, you'll argue from time to time, but try to laugh off little irritations and remember to celebrate the good times as well.


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