Beat boredom this Christmas

From songs and stories to Christmas crafts, we’re here to keep Christmas free of toddler tantrums and TV overload.

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    Over 1,000 tailored activities delivered weekly for you and your little one. Including Montessori, Forest School and Mindfulness.

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    Trustworthy expert content supporting you as a parent or carer, delivered exactly when you need it.

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    Exciting curriculum covering 7 areas of learning and celebrating diversity, inclusivity and a love of nature.


Take the guilt out of parenting this Christmas

With over 40+ hours of personalised fun educational activities and learning resources for you and your 0–5-year-old.

Plus, brand new Christmas-themed content to keep them engaged and entertained over the holidays!



Over 1,000 activities covering your child from conception to reception



Personalised expert advice supporting you as a parent, on your journey



Spend quality time with your little one, from just 15 minutes of play a day

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Keep it playful!

Easy-to-do, bite-sized activities grounded in science and tailored to your little one.

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